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Great Ways to Make Your Home Green Ready

Great Ways to Make Your Home Green Ready

Green technology is more advanced today than ever before in the past, so it’s no surprise that more and more people around the world are looking to include certain green elements in their homes. There are a handful of great ways to make your home green ready too, and we’re going to talk about some of them today. Even if you can’t implement all of these at the home level, taking note of a couple and making them work will help make your home ready for a green transition, all the while reducing your carbon footprint on the planet.

It can be prohibitive because of the cost, but swapping out older, energy-guzzling appliances for newer, energy-efficient models is a great way to make your home greener. It might take several years after the upgrade, but eventually those new appliances will pay for themselves when you total up the amount of energy you save every month based on their installation. Check your refrigerator, stove and oven, televisions, computers and other appliances and electronics to look for old tech that can be replaced with new. You don’t need to replace everything, since even little changes can add up over time.

Speaking of appliances and electronics, are you the type of person who plugs something into a charger and just forgets about it? Well, that can actually be a bad thing. Even once an electronic device has been fully charged, it may still draw voltage from its connection so it can maintain that full charge even while running. Unplug your devices after they charge and you can save a little electricity here and there. Likewise, unplugging electric appliances like microwaves, toasters and stoves when they’re not in use will help a little bit, here and there. This tip won’t even cost you anything, so everyone can do it.

If the thought of flitting around your house to plug in and unplug devices seems like a waste of time to you, then you’re a perfect candidate for home-automation lighting. Anyone who has studied different types of bulbs knows that switching to LED lighting is the best way to go if you want to cut back on energy usage and electricity costs. You can put these newfangled lights on timers too, so they turn on and off on their own without any further input from you. Create a lighting schedule based on your living habits and you’ll never have to worry about turning off your lights again.

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How to Make Small Positive Changes in the World

How to Make Small Positive Changes in the World

You might think you’re too small to change the world, but you’d be wrong about that. Just think about it – if the 7 billion or so people around the world all recycled a single aluminum soda can, that would be 7 billion aluminum cans that didn’t end up in landfills, or about 15 g of aluminum times 7 billion, which totals around 105 MILLION kilograms of aluminum. That’s a huge amount and it was made possible by billions of individuals making extremely small contributions to the well-being of the world. Again, if you think you’re too small to change the world, you need to reconsider that point of view.

Recycling is one of the simplest, easiest things you can do to make small, positive changes in the world. It’s also one of the only things you can do to help the environment which will also get you paid. Check with your local recycling center to see which materials they’ll take and then start saving those things rather than throwing them out with the trash. It might not be much money, but that should be a secondary consideration anyhow if you’re more worried about changing the world. Just review the example above if you don’t think your contribution will amount to much.

There are things you can do besides recycling too. If you want to make other small, positive changes, consider starting a community garden on a public or shared plot of land, or even in your own yard if you’ve got nowhere else to go with the idea. It really wouldn’t be too hard to find a few dozen people in your area who share your passion for fresh produce, then all invest together to buy a little piece of land. The point is, by producing food for your community, you can cut down on everyone’s grocery bills while also putting some money into your pocket, so it’s a worthwhile consideration.

If you have no money, no neighbors who like you and no interest in recycling, there’s still something you can do. Just be nice to the people around you. That’s not to say you’re a mean person or anything – we don’t know you from anyone else. But telling someone good morning, or giving them a smile and a wave in greeting, or thanking them for doing a little thing they normally don’t get thanked for doing, well, that can lift a person’s mood. Hopefully they’ll put it forward and make someone else feel good too, and then your little gesture ripples out and turns into something huge.

For the parents among our readers, teaching your children by example can do more to make positive changes in the world than anything else on this list. Teaching your children the difference between right and wrong, as well as how much damage they can do to a person by committing wrongs against them, is an important thing for every parent to do. It’s your responsibility not just to them, but to all the rest of us who will have to live them once they go out and join the rest of the world.